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Main screenshots

MoziBraille and XUL fake terminal screenshot

An Header

Screenshot when an H2 is displayed

A Menu on the braille display

Screenshot when a menu is displayed Screenshot when a nitem is displayed

A paragraph

Screenshot when a paragraph item is displayed

MozBraille configuration window

General tab

MozBraille general configuration window

Braille Tab

MozBraille braille configuration window

Drivers menu to configure libbbraille

MozBraille libbraille configuration window

Big character view tab

MozBraille big char view configuration window

Note: The Big character view is not available for the moment.

Text to speech tab

MozBraille text to speech configuration window

Braille keys configuration

MozBraille keys configuration window

HTML element configuration

mozBraille config window screenshot

How a selection is displayed?

Screenshot of a selection on the braille terminal
Note : When the libbraille is actived the selection is diplayed with the dots 7 and 8. And the caret (cursor) is a blinking of this dots.

The mozbraille project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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