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A short user's documentation

Move inside the user interface

When MozBraille is installed, you can use mozilla normally with the mouse, shortkeys (you can find the shortkeys list here), caret (cursor) and with the "Find as you type" function. For each action MozBraille changes the three outputs.

MozBraille offers you an another way to move inside interface (ie : XUL) and inside HTML document. To do that you have some actions :

Action on an element

Some XUL or HTML element can do some actions. For example, a link can do the "jump" action. To know the different actions you can open the element configuration window (look this screenshot) . To use those actions you have four shortkeys:

Text to speech command

Outputs configuration for element

To configure the element under your cursor you have to use this action :
alt-c: Configure the node under the cursor. This action display this windows :
element configuration window
As you can see on this screenshot, you can change what is displayed on the three outputs for each element. For that you have to use a simple language in three strings. It's composed with some properties. Each property is represented as "%C" string where C is a character. Properties depend of the element and are displayed in the config window. there are three particulars properties:

To finish, has you can see on the screenshot, a link is displayed only on the braille output. And the string "<%c>" mean display links with this childs (generally it's a text) with "<" before and ">" after.

MozBraille configuration

To configure MozBraille in general, you have to open the configuration window by clicking on MozBraille config in the window menu.
You can enable or disabled MozBraille and there are five tabs :
The General tab
a screeshot
With the chechbox you can enable or disbale the blinking on the mozilla view (ie : on the browser).
The braille tab
a screenshot
On this tab you can choose the kind of Braille terminal:
The big Char view tab
The text to speech tab
a screenshot
With the text to speech tab, you can choose the default voice, the rate (the speed) and volume of the text to speech
Braille keys configuration
a screenshot
With this tab you can configure braille key shortcut to activate all the actions defined in this document. To do that :

The mozbraille project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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